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Hands down, there’s nothing more frustrating than flipping through a swimsuit catalog filled with tanned, stick-thin, bikini-clad models lounging in boats and hammocks. 

That’s why it’s so refreshing to log onto retail clothing company H&M’s website where they’ve recently unveiled their new beachwear line featuring a model of normal, healthy proportions wearing both one-piece suits and (gasp!) bikinis. There’s no a mention of the suits being plus-sized—it’s just a woman wearing some bathing suits and she happens to not be super skinny.

The model, 23-year-old Jennie Runk, is reportedly six-feet-tall and considered plus-size per industry standards. For a clothing company with a history of featuring tanned, taut models (and most recently, Beyonce writhing sexually on the beach in a bikini for a campaign), prominently showcasing a woman with healthy proportions—not burying her in a “plus-size” section—is refreshing. Granted, when you click on a product, you’re led to the plus-size section but the point is, normal-sized women are nabbing the spotlight on a fashion website. And by not mentioning their sizes, the message is: It’s really no big deal. An H&M spokesperson could not be reached for comment.” -Yahoo

I’m blown away by this, you go H&M. It’s crazy to me how she is considered plus. She is unbelievably gorgeous. The modeling industry is fucked up.
Now only if this would happen more often. Why do all models have to be the same size? Every body type is beautiful.

Love it!!!!!!
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